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For many years now, I have been encouraging my clients to give yoga a try as a support to their therapy. Several years ago, Kim Damm, the owner of Yoga Eight and a dear friend and I collaborated for several years to offer approximately one workshop series a year for trauma survivors. She has since taken this on within her studio. I have since, completed the Yoga for Trauma program offered by How We Can Heal out of California with Lisa Danylchuck. At Enrichment I offer yoga using this model as a part of the trauma healing work I do.

Yoga is also helpful for anxiety, sleep disturbance, and much more, all of which impact one's emotional, psychological, relational, spiritual and mental health.  It is a holistic approach to help the whole human.  I weave into the yoga practice, mindfulness, somatic work, shame resilience and vulnerability work, and EMDR informed processes. 

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Yoga in therapy and as a therapy is an emerging field and while there is a lot of research out there, so much more research is on the horizon.  It is an exciting field to be entering into and one that I am passionate about.  I have seen so much healing and heard so many positive reports from my clients in and after session about their experience with holistic approaches which include yoga in the therapeutic process.  I love how trauma informed yoga principles put so much control and power of choice in the hands of the participant.  A sense of safety, empowerment, choice, and voice are cultivated throughout the experience.

If you would like to experience this holistic approach to your healing, let's work together.  You can call me at 254-300-5339.  You will get voice mail so please be sure to leave a message and I will call you back.  OR - you can email me from the contact page.

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