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New to Enrichment?

If you have not spoken to me (Salley Schmid) to schedule a session please call 254-235-3500 to schedule your first appointment.  I charge a $30 intake scheduling fee which is applied toward your first scheduled session.  It is non-refundable in the case of cancellation, change of appointment or no shows.

You can save a few minutes at the beginning of your first appointment by downloading the form below and completing it in advance.  Please bring the completed form to your first appointment.  Your therapist will use this to set up your file and initiate the first appointment. Future appointments are made at the end of each appointment.  I look forward to meeting you.

Enrichment works on a private pay basis.  This allows you to be 100% in control of your privacy and allows us to work with you on your terms, your goals, your priorities rather than a set number of allowed sessions based on a diagnostic code.  I accept cash, credit, debit and check.

The fee for sessions is $110 per 50 minute session.

Enrichment Intake Forms, Policies, etc.:

Below are pdf links with helpful information as well as our Intake Form, HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices Statement, etc.

Click here to print, read, sign and bring your completed forms with you to your first appointment.

Click here to READ (print and keep if you would like).

Click here for Tips for Successful Video Counseling


How To Get The Most Benefit From Counseling

You have decided that what you have going on in your life is big enough or difficult enough to seek help.  Great first step.  This takes initiative, courage and strength.  Now the hard work begins as you dig in and pro-actively take charge of your life.

Counseling generally occurs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 50 minutes.  That leaves approximately 6,670 waking minutes a week for you to intervene in your own life with the help, support, suggestions, ideas, etc. that you receive in your counseling sessions.  That means you are the single most powerful, influential and available source of change and growth in your life.  When you are stuck or overwhelmed or over burdened however, a counselor can lend just enough encouragement, support and help to get you through to make use of your own power for your own good.

Here are some suggestions to get you moving along in the right direction and to make the 50 minute session carry forward.

  1. Keep an open mind and heart in session
  2. Journal outside of session
  3. Take notes in session if you hear or talk about something you want to think about more or follow up on
  4. If you receive an assignment from your therapist, be sure to do it, or journal what self talk, thoughts and feelings are causing you to be hesitant or avoidant about doing it
  5. Be willing to take risks
  6. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone
  7. Be willing to experiment with vulnerability
  8. Keep your appointments
  9. Show up on time or a few minutes early for appointments
  10. If you want to avoid coming to session, realize this is probably an indicator that important work is being in your done in your life, it’s just uncomfortable, feel the fear and dive in!  KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT
  11. Use session time wisely, follow your therapist's cues on this ; )
  12. Realize that as counseling begins and in the early stages, things may start to feel worse before they get better as you dig into life and expose stuff you have been keeping buried or at bay
  13. Get adequate sleep
  14. Get adequate and balanced nutrition
  15. Drink enough water
  16. Get some exercise (walking and stretching are easy and free)
  17. Stay in touch with the people who love and support you
  18. Breathe deeply
  19. Realize you can stop counseling any time you wish
  20. Finish well, in other words, have a conversation with your therapist about finishing rather than just disappearing


We work on a private pay basis. The fee is $110 per session. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. We have several clients who pay out of pocket and submit receipts for expenses to their insurance company for reimbursement. That option will depend on the specifics of what your policy allows. If this fee creates an undue financial hardship that prevents counseling from being an accessible resource, please contact us at 254-235-3500 or by email from our contact us page to discuss options.