Women's Sexuality

I will start off by sharing what this niche service is not. It is not therapy.  It is not designed to help you explore your sexual orientation or sexual identity. While these are important and valid explorations, this is not what my women's sexuality service is about. Please know, I am happy to help you with that through individual therapy.

As a woman, exploring your sexuality has undoubtedly been filled with shame, taboo, and toxic religious or punitive theologies.  That is the prevailing mindset in our culture.  If this has been your experience it is likely that you have low sexual confidence, struggle to communicate about your sexuality, needs and preferences, and perhaps don't even know your own sexual needs, preferences, and desires.  Have you ever been asked by your partner “what do you want, what can I do for you?” and you do not know the answer?  I can help you with knowing and communicating that.

Women's Sex Therapy Waco
Women's Sexuality Therapy Waco, Texas

Perhaps you are a trauma survivor and you would like to have a sense of safety and comfort in a healthy sexual relationship now despite past hurts. If you are in a good place post trauma, you have completed trauma therapy and are on a healing path, I can help you explore your sexuality in present time to have a fulfilling intimate relationship in which communication is open and clear, and you also experience emotional and physical safety.

Perhaps your sexuality has become newly awakened.  Maybe you have a new love in your life, or you have begun hormone replacement therapy and your body is waking up and feeling again.  Whatever the case, I would love to help you find a sense of freedom, self-awareness, confidence, and empowerment in your own sexuality.

I can safely and confidentially help you engage in non-judgmental, open, candid, curious, and honest conversations about your sexuality including past sexual experiences, messages you received and may still be receiving about your sexuality, and beliefs you have about your sexuality.  I will help you unravel toxic, taboo, and shame based messages about sexuality to experience empowerment, self-discovery, and rising above the past into the new.

We will begin with a conversation to assess for any past trauma to ensure this is an emotionally safe time for you to begin this exploration.  The process is loosely structured so that it can be highly individualized to your needs and wants. You teach me about your hopes for sexuality and the sexual experiences you want to have for your life, your history of sexuality including all of the messages you received throughout your life about being a sexual woman. I will facilitate conversations helping you to ditch shame and old taboos, and ignite self discovery through private exploration as homework. This will lay the groundwork and be the process which helps you embrace who you are as a woman who is also sexual.

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Women's Sexuality Enrichment Therapy Waco

The intake process is very simple, there are some online forms that are completely confidential for you to fill out that become a part of your record. Everything about this service is completely private and confidential. This service is offered in person or by a private video platform which is part of a confidential electronic record system. While I am a Licensed therapist and am using a counseling record platform, this is not a counseling service.  I am using this platform because it provides everything I need for providing and keeping track of the work we will be doing together.  A typical session lasts approximately 50 minutes, however the dig deep format is available.  Click this link to learn more about the dig deep format.  The cost for this service is $150 per 50 minute session. Since this service is not counseling, it is available to you wherever you live.  If we determine there is a therapeutic need that should be met prior to you participating in the Women’s Sexuality Service, I can provide you counseling or referrals if you are in Texas or you will need to seek care with a therapist in the state in which you reside first.

Buckle up for a fun time, laughter, blushing, and perhaps a temporary preoccupation with sex while focused on this topic.  I will help you explore, name and communicate with yourself and your intimate partner about your sexuality.  We can talk about any aspect of sexuality that you want to, all free of shame, taboo, and judgment.  All confidential.  Get ready to know yourself, what pleases you, finding joy, freedom and empowerment sexually.  And, get ready for better sex.  You CAN be Authentic and wholehearted in your sexual expression.

My office is located at 5010 Lakeland Circle, Suite A, Waco, Texas 76710. Video-based counseling is available upon request. Contact me here to schedule today or call me by phone at 254-300-5339.  You will get voice mail.  Leave a message and I will call you back.