Dig Deep Intensive Counseling Sessions

I have found with many clients that a standard 50 minute session just does not allow enough time to dig deep and the session is wrapping up right when the most relevant work is beginning.  This occurs for several reasons, a couple of which I discuss here.  As a client you might be so burdened by such a multitude of things that it feels like there are many high priority items to address in counseling which need rapid resolution or transformation.  OR, your individual way of talking through and processing information can be very pinball machine like with rapid fire accounts of topics for counseling bouncing all over the place.  OR, the wounds may be so deep and from so long ago, or so raw, it simply takes more time and moving slowly to get there and process and wrap up before exiting the therapy space.  In these cases, a chunk of time is needed to provide space for processing.  This may include a "verbal dump" before focus and direction can be determined.  I have heard it said, that in Trauma Therapy, "the slower you go, the faster you get there".  In weekly 50 minute sessions, this can take months.  With longer intensive sessions, we can move slow in sessions, take the time needed to ease into and then stay in the deeper work and healing processes.  With Dig Deep Intensive session, this can take a few weeks, rather than months.  I utilize visual processes and metaphor along with art.  We can do somatic, and mindfulness work, as well as yoga to listen to the body and the stories our bodies hold for us from trauma.  All of these interventions generally require more time and also facilitate a much deeper level of processing, transformation and release because they are holistic rather than just cognitive.

Dig Deep Intensive Therapy Sessions Waco - Enrichment Training & Counseling Solutions

I offer half day and full day intensive sessions.  Half day intensives are just under 4 hours and cost $460 and full day intensives last abut 7 hours and cost $920 and include lunch.  Generally, we want to have one or two initial sessions prior to scheduling an intensive.  This enables us to lightly structure the intensive in a manner that is relevant to you to facilitate digging deep and deeper transformation.  Dig deep sessions require a bit more advance planning to get on the calendar.  Half day Dig Deep sessions require full payment one week prior to the session and full day Dig Deep sessions require full payment 2 weeks prior to the session.  The cancellation policy for Dig Deep sessions is the same as the payment due date.  One week notice to cancel or reschedule is required for half day intensive and a 2 week notice is required to cancel or reschedule the full day Dig Deep sessions.  Full fee is charged for shorter notice cancellation or re-scheduling.

My office is located at 5010 Lakeland Circle, Suite A, Waco, Texas 76710. Video-based counseling is available upon request. Contact me here to schedule today or call me by phone at 254-300-5339.  You will get voice mail.  Leave a message and I will call you back.