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Family Counseling Solutions

Counseling is available for developing success in the areas of sibling relationships (including adult siblings), family of origin work (even if the family of origin member is unavailable to participate in the counseling) parenting, nuclear and extended family relationships, attachment difficulties, moving forward as a family after a traumatic event including grief, parenting and blended family challenges, living with the presence of disability, disease or mental illness in the family.  We also help you with resolving difficulties as an adult now with your parent or other care giver from issues earlier in life.

Blended Families:

Blended families come with a unique set of challenges.  More second marriages end in divorce than first marriages.  We encourage you to take preventative measures and seek counseling early in the blending process (even before re-marriage).

The challenges of first marriages are amplified in a second marriage, kids are already on board and accustom to a parenting style.  Habits of finances, household management, communication and more are already decided.  Someone if not everyone is experiencing a shift in living arrangements which may come with community and school changes as well.

The married pair does not have the same opportunity to “couple up” as first time marriages because there is rarely time without children.  Decisions about child rearing specifically do not get to be made as a couple because they are already on board with those parenting decisions in place.  Even when parenting styles look consistent, when you move in together, the intensity of time reveals the differences.  Those skillful children also know how to introduce their share of challenges to the couple and family system.

On top of those challenges, often mom and dad bring their own challenges in overcoming a bad if not traumatic first marriage and possibly their own unresolved childhood trauma.  No wonder second marriages require twice as much investment and dedication to succeed.

If you would like to take a proactive approach to your blended family’s success, come work with us and set your feet on the path to your desired family experience.


Private parent coaching is available to support you in guiding your child to be responsible, reliable, emotionally mature and resilient. We teach Positive Discipline parenting which is a high accountability, mutual respect and trust based approach to parenting all ages appropriate for intact families, single parents, families with addictions, blended families, adoptive families and foster families.


See the article below from the PositiveDiscipline.org website. Visit their website for more information:

What is Positive Discipline


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