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Find Your True North

Find Your True North.  A therapeutic art journal, full of provocative template images designed to elicit emotion, words, thought, soul-searching and finding. Images are printed on 120 pound card stock artist quality paper to enable a wide variety of art medium to be used including watercolor, acrylic, markers, colored pencils, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils, collage, mixed media and more.

Each page of this art journal, Find Your True North, can be completed in myriad ways. If the individual is more of a writer images can simply provoke the narrative content that needs to fill the page. For those who are doodlers, Zen Tangle and a variety of other doodling techniques can be used to fill the page with words inserted here and there if desired. For those who love color: paint, markers, pencils and more can be used to complete and embellish the images and explore or express the deep meaning, thoughts, and emotions provoked by the images. Single words and narratives can always be added but they are not necessary as images alone can provide the exploration, soul finding and healing that the individual desires.

This Journal, a bit like an adult coloring book, takes the art journaling process to much deeper level. As a therapist who uses art in counseling, I find provocative images elicited in my mind through the stories told by the people sitting on my couch every day.  All of the images in this Journal were inspired as I sat and listened to the stories told and lived by clients as well as my own lived experiences.

The Journal user could find a single image to provoke memories of painful experiences or thoughts while another may find inspiration for empowerment, healing and reclaiming in the same image. One image could render unlimited different experiences and end results. Throughout the Journal on various pages there are word prompts as well as images. Some pages have images alone. A couple of the pages have an interactive component such as a flap or door to lift or open allowing the individual to have both visible and hidden content on the page.

The many audiences and ways this Journal could be used are as varied as the outcome could be on each page. Individuals who long for a loosely guided art journaling process, beginners in the art journaling process who can benefit from a little bit of a kick start, (no pun intended), leaders and participants in art journaling workshops or camps, therapeutic groups, individuals in therapy, therapists using art in the healing work of counseling, leaders and participants in healing retreats, youth groups, support groups . . . . .  the list could go on with unlimited potential.

I do have a couple art product recommendations. For the most part any art supply can be used with the exception of markers that bleed through paper such as sharpies. If you desire to use these kind of markers you will have to use something more opaque on the backs of these pages to cover the bleed through. Collage or acrylic paint works well for this. The markers that I find work best are those found in the scrap booking sections of craft stores, Flair markers, and other markers that do not have a high saturation effect.  I find that straight watercolor will warp the page a bit and that watercolor pencils or watercolor crayons allow you to get the pigment on the page and use less water maintaining the integrity of the

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hope and healing inspired by imagehope and healing inspired by image


hope and healing inspired by imagehope and healing inspired by image


painful experience provoked by template imagepainful experience provoked by template image

page better. I do not recommend pastel chalks because the images will smear as the pages close and rest against each other. Pretty much any other art supply I have tried has worked well. My disclaimer is that I certainly have not tried everything. I have found that if I use mod podge or collage podge or another type of sealant the page needs to dry extremely well to prevent pages sticking together. I recommend using parchment paper or plastic between the pages if the book needs to be closed less than 24 hours after the image is covered with sealant.  In humid climates you may need more than 24 hours.  I do not recommend the use of polyurethane spray sealant. This will cause the page to yellow. If you prefer spray sealant I have used an acrylic spray that worked well and did not discolor the page.

Find Your True North is approximately 8 1/2 inches by 29 inches, with approximately 60 pages of images.  The cover is a template image as well, allowing the user to personalize this Journal from the outside in on every single page.

I love locally sourced products and services so I have chosen a local printer to produce the art journal.  My images were digitized for printing purposes by a local digital media student.  Packing and shipping will be accomplished by local help.  Costs associated with backing this project go to pay for these services:  production, art conversion, packing and shipping.  Your backer dollars will produce the backer rewards and allow for production of additional copies of the journal.  Additional copies will be used at Enrichment Training and Counseling Solutions, P.C. (in Waco Texas) in individual therapy and in therapeutic support circles serving primarily survivors of interpersonal trauma.  Interpersonal trauma includes abuse such as:  sexual, commercial sex, physical, psychological and religious abuse which may have occurred in childhood or adulthood and may have occurred over a period of time or may be a single incident of abuse.

My hope is that, in reaching my funding goal, lives can be touched creatively with healing and support through the work of my own agency as well as through the work of individuals and therapists all over who can have access to this journal once produced.  Creative expression has powerful healing elements and can tap into the memories and growth potential where words may not exist or may fail to convey the message needing expression.

The book is very expensive to produce because of the quality of paper and the binding process which allows each two-page spread to lie completely flat when open. This in turn enables the art to span across the gutter of two pages.

It is my great desire that you will be inspired by this art journal and become a backer of

Find Your True North on kickstarter.    

Thank you, SINCERELY, for taking the time to view this campaign and consider backing this project!  Your interest and support is TRULY appreciated!