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Individual Counseling Solutions

You are hurting, the tears flow unwelcome, your voice is choked and silent or deafening and out of control.  Relationships and your heart are suffering, breaking, hurting, spinning out of control or stagnant and immovable.  This is called being human and wresting with the tuff stuff that life throws at you.  We get stuck or we can’t settle.  We continue to do the very thing we do not want to do, the thing we know is not helping, maybe even making things worse, but we can’t find a way out of this unending pattern of blehhh.  This is one of the things individual counseling is for; effective transformation.  A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist can help you effectively push through the minutia that is holding you back, obtain clarity and forward momentum to achieve the life you can love living.

For others, life is not bad, maybe even good, but you want better, you want to get to a higher level of contentment and thriving in your life.  I call this enrichment.  My colleague calls this Soul Maintenance.  A routine of counseling on a less frequent basis than restorative or repair focused counseling can enrich your life and move you continuously forward in a life you love living.

Others use individual counseling as a verbal and emotional dumping ground to keep from carrying around the baggage of daily life.  Many times the things that build up and cause emotional distress are things that can’t be changed yet need to be given expression to.  Other things can be changed but you’re stuck and a verbal emotional offload in the counseling setting helps relieve pressure and gives life to a discussion that is forward in motion and solutions focused in the areas where you have influence and control.

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