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Eating Disorder Counseling Solutions

Eating disorder treatment is a new area of focus at Enrichment.  Salley worked at an eating disorder treatment facility many moons ago and has a renewed interest in and love for this work.  Salley is continuously engaging in new current training to equip her to work effectively with individuals who struggle to have a healthy relationship with food or have an eating disorder.

The focus in counseling is not primarily on food.  The focus is on all the things food has become a destructive coping mechanism for.  So we look at your sense of self, and worth.  We will talk about relationship dynamics in all areas of your life, including childhood.  We explore the role society, culture and media has on reinforcing disordered eating habits and mindsets.  Enrichment will help you recover your life, dignity, worth, authenticity, relationships.  A variety of therapy approaches will be engaged including art, writing, journaling, traditional talk therapy and connecting with life, people, hobbies, and creativity.

I am looking for a Waco based dietician or nutritionist to collaborate with to provide a more holistic approach to helping people recover a healthy approach to nourishing their bodies and souls.  If you know someone, please send them my way.