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Grief & Loss Coaching

Grief and loss encompasses a myriad of experiences throughout our lives.  The kinds of losses I address in weekly Holding Space support circle and in my individual sessions include: illnesses/change in personalities, changes in relationships, people moving away, injuries, loss of innocence (abuse/trauma histories), community violence and/or loss, loss of sense of safety, loss of faith/beliefs, loss of financial security, loss of community, loss of job/role/professional purpose, and many more.

As we explore the grief that initially brings us to coaching, many people find a number of unresolved losses in their past that return to the surface with each successive loss.

It can be difficult to make the space we need to attend to all the kinds of losses we experience in a culture and society that tends to gloss over messy and complex feelings.  But if we don't give attention to our losses, they build up and the intensity of our feelings accumulate and can lead us into an unhealthy saturation point.

Grief & Loss coaching available in individual sessions or group circle Saturday mornings from 10-11:30am.  $160 for an 8-session punch card or $30/session.