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Healing Retreat

Private Healing Retreat Program

5 days, 5 hours per day – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Who is the Healing Retreat Appropriate For?

Individuals whom have experienced interpersonal trauma (we use a very broad definition of trauma) at any point in their life - recent or remote - and who are finding that they are unable to enjoy life, engage in relationships, or fully function as desired because of the trauma.  Perhaps they feel the bottom has fallen out from under their life.  For example: an individual whom experienced interpersonal trauma as a child or teenager and now as an adult -  what they thought was in the past – is interfering with life in the present.  We are happy to discuss this further and/or explain what we mean by interpersonal trauma. Give us a call today at 254-235-3500.  You will likely reach our voicemail box. Please leave a brief message – your name, number, and state you live in. Begin writing down any questions you have about the Healing Retreat, Enrichment, our therapists etc.  Save your questions for the call back that you will receive, and we will be happy to help you with answers and information.  To sign-up for a healing retreat, you must be able to keep yourself safe and not be actively suicidal.  This will be assessed during your initial consultation.

Why participate in a Healing Retreat?

Healing retreats offer a way to unplug from the worries of daily life and to invest holistically in yourself.  The private yoga session prior to counseling allows you the support and structure to tune in with your body and the ways your body carries trauma physically.  The private yoga session is followed by a 3 hour dig deep individual counseling process.  In a typical 50 minute counseling session, the therapist and client ease into the session for about 5+ minutes, work deeply for about 35 to 40 minutes and ease out, preparing you to leave the office composed and ready to tackle the next thing on your agenda.  In a week or two you come back, refresh on what’s been happening, follow up on homework, and proceed as stated above.  In a dig deep session that is approximately 3 hours long, you get a total of 170 minutes rather than 50 minutes - you go deep within the customary first 5+ minutes and stay deep for 150+ minutes and ease out for about 10 minutes.  This dig deep process is powerful, and in our opinion and experience, can have a profoundly greater healing impact than the typical two to four 50-minute sessions a month totaling approximately 125 to 200 minutes of deep work in a month.  This 3 hour dig deep session is followed by an one hour healing Swedish Massage to further assist you in decompressing and flushing out your body so that you leave Enrichment feeling enriched and on the road to healing.  It is essential that participants in the Healing Retreat have follow up counseling in place and ready to begin after they complete the Healing Retreat.

Other amenities we offer free of charge include an in-suite client art studio and mediation room.  These spaces can be scheduled with your therapist for use after your morning of services and afternoon massage to continue your own healing work, as desired or with assignments if you desire.

Initial Consultation

This is a therapeutic program.  We want to ensure this program is appropriate for you.  If you are not already an existing client of Enrichment, a 50 minute live web cam or in person initial consultation is required in order to assess your situation, needs, and mental / emotional status. Additionally, we use this time to schedule your healing retreat, to facilitate therapist selection for best fit with you and your needs, to establish a baseline of what is happening in your life, and to explore the events that precede your desire for a healing retreat.

There is a $100 fee for this initial consultation.  If you book a Healing Retreat, the consultation fee will be applied toward your overall Healing Retreat package.

Sample Daily Agenda

  • 8:00 – 8:30/45 a.m. – 30 to 45 minutes of Private Yoga (Restorative for days 1,2 and perhaps 3, Yin for perhaps day 3 and for days 4 and 5)
  • Between Yoga and Counseling – journal reflection time
  • 9:00 a.m. -11:45/50 p.m. - Dig Deep Counseling Session, may include EMDR therapy
  • 11:45/50 – 1:00 p.m. - Lunch
  • 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. - 1 hour Swedish Massage


$2,300 (if paying by check, the check must clear before the program can begin).  There are no discounts for this program.  To protect everyone from fraudulent actions, we do NOT accept larger payments (please feel free to ask question for clarification if you do not understand this policy).  If you wish to prepay for additional counseling sessions or services following the healing retreat, those services must be arranged and paid separately from the Healing Retreat.

This fee must be paid in full at the time of scheduling your retreat a minimum of 14 days in advance of the retreat.  Healing Retreats will not be scheduled without full payment.  Once your retreat is scheduled, a 14-day notice is required to reschedule your retreat and a $200 fee, paid at the time of rescheduling, will be charged to reschedule your retreat experience.   Cancellation of the Healing Retreat Program between 14 and 7 days prior to your original scheduled retreat time will result in a 40% refund of your retreat fee.  Cancellation with 7 days or less notice will forfeit 100% of your retreat fees.   Included in this cost is the daily team consultation meeting time to shape and tweak your retreat experience to tailor your services to best meet your specific individual needs.  Also included is a complimentary journal and fidget.

Add On Services, Priced Individually, Paid Separately From Retreat Program

  • Additional massage
  • Ayurvedic nutritional coaching (coming in 2019)
  • Facials
  • Foot soak and massage
  • Additional private yoga
  • Guided Art Journaling
  • Mindfulness and Meditation facilitation
  • Post Retreat Counseling services

Accommodations if You Are From Out of Town

Coming soon:  This information is in process of development.

Meals While You Are in Waco

  • Happy Harvest offers Healing Retreat participants a 10% discount. They are located across the street behind the Providence Hospice building at the corner of Sanger and 64th/Melrose.

Follow Up Requirements

We require that you have a therapist available for follow up services so that you may further process anything that bubbles to the surface after your Healing Retreat work is complete.  We can help you find a therapist if you do not already have an established one. In addition, you may continue work with a therapist at Enrichment if you currently reside the state of Texas, as both in person and video-based options are available.