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Healing and Helping Professionals

We recognize that, as helping professionals, you serve individuals and families in many arenas including the fields of medical / healthcare, education, law enforcement, first responders, criminal justice, social services, and advocacy. We value the service helping professionals provide and recognize the toll that this service can have on professionals’ minds, bodies, and spirits over time. Counseling can play a pivotal role in response to the impact of compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue is made up of both secondary trauma and burnout. As helping professionals, the experience of secondary trauma occurs as a result of trauma experienced on the job – whether through indirect or direct exposure to trauma experienced by clients, patients, students, and those that we help. Secondary trauma can also be caused by toxic workplace environments. That, along with previous personal trauma, can result in ongoing trauma reactions. Burnout, on the other hand, is the experience of continued frustration, anger, and exhaustion as a result of the work that we do.  Burnout can be caused by increased caseloads, systemic-level policy concerns, discrimination and oppression, and ongoing barriers we face in systems we navigate or work for.

At Enrichment, we strive to help fellow helping professionals prevent, identify, and heal from the experiences of compassion fatigue. Self-care tune-ups are offered to helping professionals alongside individual EMDR therapy sessions to process through experiences of compassion fatigue. We periodically offer the Daring Way™ for Healers self-care workshop. The workshop provides a space for helping professionals to develop shame resiliency skills and self-care tools to further prevent compassion fatigue. We also provide schools and organizations with trauma-informed professional self-care trainings, upon request.

Because Enrichment is private pay only, all services and mental health diagnoses are completely confidential. As a result, we do not report any client data to insurance companies. Contact Us  us today to begin or enhance your self-care journey.