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Teen & Young Adult Counseling Solutions

Teens and young adults typically grow weary of traditional talk therapy.  A few minutes into the session, they are often checked out.  We love to engage young people fully with lots of visual, interactive, kinesthetic, and creative processes.

In the ways it is a match for you and the work you are doing in counseling, we will involve you in making posters, creative journaling, art, and art journaling, creative writing, music, deconstructing lyrics and prose.  We make use of a lot of metaphor and movement as well as hands on manipulative materials.  We get into fun fidgety things that keep your hands busy so your ears and brain can stay focused and engaged.  Making use of color and texture can be a powerful way to gain and maintain engagement as well.  We let you bring your agenda and ideas for your present and future into the counseling process so you are invested.

We are not an adjunct parents.  We are counselors.  We will work with you to capture a vision for your future and help you think through your choices, actions, priorities, values and goals so you can move forward in life equipped for success and fulfilment.  We will help you gain the skills and tools for success and personal, emotional, mental and relational health.

Often people need a chance to meet or talk to the person who will become their therapist so that they can be empowered to choose and invest in the relationship.  If you are a teen or young adult or a parent seeking help for your teen or young adult, please feel free to Contact Us for an initial session to determine if we are a fit for you.

We hope you will work with us in capturing a vision and passion for your bright future.



To discuss your needs and schedule a consultation or training, please click here to contact Enrichment or by phone at 254-235-3500