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Creative Expressive Arts in Counseling

If you prefer to explore, process and express your emotional work through creative means, we offer visual art process work. These sessions are 2 hours in length. The cost is the same as traditional talk therapy per hour, so each session costs $200 and includes all art supplies for the work you will do in session.

In session we will often work with you on a creative writing or art process that helps you tap into deeper places than traditional talk therapy might. We are not art therapists, we use art and writing in therapy as part of the process work.

I have seen on many occasions, when a client is stuck, and can’t find the words to say what needs to be shared, a sketch pad and pencil unlocks the thoughts and emotions and a client is able to give a different kind of voice to their pain.

If you desire a place to use creative expressive arts to aid you in your healing, please give us a call or email us from our contact us page.