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Couple and Marriage Counseling

We specialize in working in infidelity, Pre-Marital, Newly-Wed and Blended Family couples. We work with a variety of marriage issues including:  infidelity, problem solving, communication, intimacy, empty nest, & assisting people with decisions about divorcing well or staying together well as opposed to staying together or separating in a bitter hurtful manner.

Salley is Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and has training in a variety of couple’s therapy methods including Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

We encourage you to seek counseling support before problems overtake your relationship. When the marriage starts to bubble with little issues rather than when the marriage is boiling over with problems; this is the time when marriage counseling is a powerful approach to relationship enrichment, growth and even transformation. Marriage counseling is most effective when used proactively and preventatively.  Relationship tune ups are also very important to relationship health.  If your car starts to veer to the side or wobble and shake when you drive, you get the tires aligned or rotated or an engine tune up.  Healthy relationships require tune ups as well.

Join us at Enrichment for counseling to enrich your marriage relationship. Discover ways to communicate about difficult topics and issues. Plan together, as a couple, to have a fun and full future for years to come. Learn to safe guard the joys of the early days of your relationship as you grow and mature together. Marriage is fraught with disagreements and conflicts that did not exist during the dating years. While this is normal, these disagreements and conflicts can be handled respectfully, lovingly and constructively.

Although it may sound odd, we also provide divorce counseling for couples with children wrestling with the decision of divorce. This is designed to help couples approach the decision of divorce in a constructive and collaborative manner with the highest priority to safeguard the children in the process.

While counseling is most effective when proactive, there are many times when rock bottom hits in an instant, such as when infidelity is discovered.  We work with couples on a long-term basis to recover from infidelity and build a marriage that is stronger than before the infidelity occurred.  This requires both members of the couple to be highly invested and committed to a year or more of regular counseling.  Recovery from infidelity is not a quick process but it is possible.  If this is where you find yourself, we would love to help you.

What is Marriage & Family Therapy...

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