Healing Support Group

It’s weird to say that I’m excited to begin holding space for survivors of psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse at Enrichment’s new Healing Support Circle.   Anyone who has survived toxic relationships in the home, at work, in religious/faith spaces, or in community knows what a despairing nightmare is this kind of abuse.  So while I am never excited that anyone ever knows what it is like, I am grateful for the resources and opportunities to create a safe space for healing, learning, recovery, and resilience-building.

Personally, I am a survivor of psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse.  It is a huge inspiration for my work in my clinical capacity as a therapist.  Professionally, I have extensive experience working with children, adolescent, and adult survivors of “hidden abuse,” as author and clinician, Shannon Thomas, LCSW calls it in her book, Healing From Hidden Abuse.

Healing is hard.  It can be lonely and painful on the path to recovery.  It can be challenging to stay the course of wellness work, resilience, and maintaining boundaries that foster thriving.  The good news is that we never have to move through the work alone.  This Healing Support Circle is designed to offer solidarity, a medicinal “me too,” education and learning, and tools for living a thriving, authentically whole life.

I invite you to join our circle if you have ever suffered the soul wounds of toxic relationships.  If you know of anyone else who has lived this nightmare, bring them too.  We will move through the six stages of recovery as outlined in Shannon Thomas’ book, will explore our own experiences through guided discussion, and will engage with creative process to find ways to express our pain and rediscover joy.

Click here to register online or call me at 254-235-3500 to enroll over the phone.  There is hope.  You deserve healing and authentic love and peace.

In kind support,
Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT

*The painting on the flyer below is an art piece I did as part of my own healing journey.  It represents my circle of “Luminous Ones” of trusted kindred who speak truth and love into my life and nurture my continued becoming.  May we be this circle for one another.


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