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Enrichment Training & Counseling Solutions - Waco, Texas 8 Week Course in Mindfulness 2017 - Laura Abbruzzese, LPC, LCDC

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Enrichment Counseling is excited to announce the Fall session of HealingSupportCircle is now open for registration!

Beginning Tuesday August 22 from 6-8pm, this 12-week therapeutic healing circle is specifically designed for women who are survivors of psychological, emotional, and spiritual/religious abuse.

We will center our work around the book, “Healing from Hidden Abuse,” by Shannon Thomas, LCSW and each session will include psychoeducation, creative process, and guided discussion.
Online registration fee is $525 and includes: 1 individual initial screening session with Jennifer; 12 weeks of group; Hidden Abuse book; journal, creative materials, and payment processing fees. To register online please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/healing-support-circle-2017-fall-evening-session-tickets-36490885220

Current Enrichment clients contact your therapist for discount code to register. Questions? Contact Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT at 254-235-3500.


Enrichment’s Professional Development CEU series for LMFT, LPC, LCSW

We care about providing and receiving quality CEU's that make an immediate difference in our ability to practice and intervene as mental health clinicians. We care about equipping those who treat people on their healing journey. We care about time and being busy and needing to have training close by and in manageable blocks of time. We care about enabling the work day and work week to be relatively uninterrupted. We care about having immediately available skills to implement. We care about budgets and affordability. The Enrichment team is excited to provide 1 CEU for each month September 2017 through August 2018 1:00 to 2:00 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month Except December which will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month. CEU's are available for LMFT, LPC, LCSW. You will leave each session with an intervention that is immediately available for you to implement in your counseling practice. Buy this early bird package of 12 trainings by September 12th for a discount of $5 per training making each session $15. Purchased separately sessions are $20 each.

Dates and topics are as follows:

September 20, 2017 Session 1: Five to Thrive: Practices for Professional Self Care—how to nurture yourself and your dreams

October 18, 2017 Session 2: Incorporating Mindfulness for Personal Well-being and Better Client Care

November 15, 2017 Session 3: Incorporating Visual and Creative Processes in Therapy

December 13, 2017 Session 4: Assessing for Psychological, Spiritual and Emotional Abuse —how to spot the signs and name toxic behaviors (note this is 2nd Wednesday rather than 3rd)

January 17, 2018 Session 5: Mindful Self Compassion: Preventing Secondary Trauma

February 21, 2018 Session 6: Assessing for Eating Disorders, When to Refer, The Importance of a Team

March 21, 2018, Session 7: Grief & Loss – expanding our process beyond death and dying

April 18, 2018 Session 8: Substance Abuse 101: for the non-substance abuse counselor

May 16, 2018 Session 9: Incorporating Shame Resilience & Daring Greatly in counseling

June 20, 2018 Session 10: Assessing for Compassion Fatigue & Wellness Asset Mapping

July 18, 2018 Session 11: EMDR: how it works, when to refer, and exclusionary criteria

August 15, 2018 Session 12: Incorporating Rising Strong Concepts into Counseling

If you have questions about a specific session, feel free to email your question from our contact page at www.enrichmenttcs.com/contact-us-location/

To register online:

Professional Development CEU Training Series (All 12 Sessions)

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 1 - Five to Thrive: Practices for Professional Self Care

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 2 - Incorporating Mindfulness Practices

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 3 - Incorporating Visual & Creative Process in Therapy

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 4 - Assessing for Psychological, Spiritual & Emotional Abuse

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 5 - Mindful Self Compassion: Preventing Secondary Trauma

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 6 - Assessing for Eating Disorders

Professional Development CEU Training Series Session 7 - Working with Grief & Loss: Expanding Our Process Beyond Death & Dying

CEU Series # 8 - Substance Abuse 101 for the Non-Substance Abuse Counselor

CEU Series # 9 - Building Shame Resilience & Daring Greatly

CEU Series # 10 - Compassion Fatigue & Wellness Assett Mapping

CEU Series # 11 - EMDR: How it Works, When to Refer, Exclusionary Criteria

CEU Series # 12 - Rising Strong in Counseling Processes